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Unfold Close  ICF forms

Concrete placement for ICF forms is best accomplished with a concrete pump, or alternatively from the truck chute or conveyor belt for below grade applications. Flat wall and waffle grid ICF forms concrete placement is governed by the ACI-318, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete. There is no limitation on concrete pour heights or lifts in this document, nor is there any requirement for the pump to be lowered into the formwork. Field studies have shown that free fall from great distances doesn’t result in concrete segregation nor in reduction in compressive strength. In ICF construction, concrete placement will typically begin by placing concrete through opening in the window sill plate. Subsequent placement will take place from the top of the form, in lifts of approximately 4 ft, for a continuous pour to the final wall height. It is recommended to avoid placing concrete too close to corners, openings or thin columns, in order to not unduly stress the forms. A hose reducer with a flex hose is helpful for more precision placement. During the pour, the ICF forms should monitored for plumb, and the bracing adjusted accordingly.

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