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Patriot Ridge Plaza

Patriot Ridge Plaza

Springfield, Virginia

This is the first phase of a three-phase project. Adjacent to Fort Belvoir and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency visitor gate, Patriot Ridge encompasses 15 acres with a plan for the development of a four-building campus. Retail space and two parking garages are also included in the plan. This project also had to comply with Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) requirements.

Patriot Ridge Plaza PlanThe centerpiece of this project is the central plaza.  This plaza consisted of free-form concrete garden walls as well as concrete serpentine bench seating with integral lights throughout. The vision of the architect was to construct tiered but parallel serpentine walls.  Every bench was over 200 feet long with 10 or more varying radius.  To construct these using traditional methods would have been virtually impossible, but Trimtec Systems had the solution.   

Trimtec was able to produce EPS foam form liners with a hard coat that not only created the profile of the bench, but also could be used to ensure the correct layout of the walls.  Trimtec also provided datum lines for locating the center points of all the radius’s required for the project. 

concrete form liners

Despite all the complexities of this job, it turned out beautifully and Trimtec is very proud to have contributed to that end.  

concrete form liners

concrete form liners

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Jackson County Overpass Bas Relief Panels

Jackson County Overpass Bas Relief Panels

U.S. 35/McCarty Lane,  Jackson, OH 45640


The replicated bas-reliefs are just like the ones gracing the walls of the Markay Cultural Arts Center, and will be painted with the blue background, and the bas reliefs in white, just like their predecessors.

1930 Markay Theatre on Jackson’s Main Street The renovation of the 1930 Markay Theatre on Jackson’s Main Street has been a long and difficult project undertaken by Southern Hills Arts Council.

A whopping $1.2 million has already been invested with another $300,000 needed to get to the first complete live performance on the Markay’s new stage. 

A key element in this plan was saving the six lifesized bas-relief sculptures on the walls of the Auditorium.  These figures came to symbolize Jackson Ohio’s historic past.  When plans were made for a new overpass in the town, the city wanted to incorporate these into the design. 

Trimtec Systems began discussions with the city’s cultural arts council on how this might be accomplished.  Since they are too valuable to move, Trimtec would have each actual 12 foot tall sculpture scanned while in place. 

The resulting scans where used to create 3D models of each.  Then the computer files where used to create a full-size negative model of each.    

These were programmed and a router-cut into EPS molds yielding a smooth finish similar to the originals.   

The EPS foam molds were placed in the form work and the concrete was poured.  When the foam was removed and the area pressured washed, the true beauty of these replicated bias relief panels were revealed. 

Concrete EPS foam mold

These beautiful panels will stand as a testament to Jackson Ohio’s historic past and Trimtec Systems is proud to have brought these to life.

concrete EPS foam mold

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Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is not only used for faux cake tier, styrofoam cake, dummy cake, and fake wedding cake with the popularity of the Food Network Channel, the boom in the pastry arts has exploded. Trimtec Systems has been busy designing and manufacturing complex 3D shape faux cakes.

Trimtec Systems latest 3D Shape Faux Cake Project:  Batmobile Car

Trimtec Systems Life Size 3D Shape Faux Cake Car Project:  Racing Car

3D Prototype of a racing car

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Hollywood Casino of Columbus

Hollywood Casino of Columbus

200 Georgesville Road, Columbus, OH 43228

Competed in 2012

The $400 million dollar Hollywood Casino in Columbus opened October 8, 2012 on the 123-acre property - former site of General Motors/Delphi Automotive Plant.

To achieve the free-form raised floor design desired, the architects for this project selected EPS void fill supplied by Trimtec Systems.  High density 2.0 lb/ft3 EPS was chosen because of its great compressive strength and the fact that could supplied in single pieces up to 48” thick.  EPS foam can also be fabricated to virtually any shape including the specific curves that the raised floor was to have.  

Trimtec Systems measured the job and provided a precise custom-cut layout for this project. 

concrete void filler

This project is another example where Trimtec Systems strives to design and assist the contractors by preengineering all components as much as possible so that the onsite layout and installation will be simple and quick.  We at Trimtec believe that the more that be planned out ahead of time, the more money can be saved on the jobsite. 

concrete void fillers

concrete void fillers

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Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore

Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore
Oakland / Contra Costa County, California

Competed in 2013

Construction of the $420 million fourth bore started in January 2010. 

1929 Caldecott TunnelThe Caldecott Tunnel is a four-bore highway tunnel through the Berkeley Hills between Oakland, California and Orinda, California. The east-west tunnel is signed as a part of State Route 24 and connects Oakland to central Contra Costa County. 

Engineers wanted to match the look of the 1929 bore.   This art deco appearing façade would have required constructing an elaborate, heavy and time consuming formwork to replicate these features.   

Instead the contractors choose to use the latest state of the art, lightweight, computer-cut formwork provided by Trimtec Systems.

Trimtec Systems analyzed the project and prepared detailed engineering drawing depicting elevations and layout lines.  The drawings were so precise; they exposed a 15mm error in the original construction documents. 3D CAD files were then created in advance of programming.

Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore CAD 

Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore CAD

Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore CAD

These panels were then constructed off site in Columbus, Ohio and shipped to the jobsite as needed.  All forms received poly-coating to insure an easy release and smooth finish.  CNC fabricated panels held tolerances within 1/16”. 

Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore 

This project showcases on a large scale, how the latest technology by Trimtec can replace the traditional and costly methods of the past.

Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore Panels

Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore

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The Stratford at Kenwood
5559 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati, Ohio

Competed in 2009


Window sills done for Stratford Assisted Living

We worked off the architects plans to engineer design the many different window surrounds sizes of The Stratford building at Kenwood..

EPS can be wire cut into an infinite number of custom window sills shapes.

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