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Here are a few of the positive aspects you can get from expanded polystyrene:

Recyclable - valuable resource that can be remanufactured back into recycled foam or made into an amazing array of durable polystyrene products - from office supplies to videocassette cartridges.EPS flotation foam

Ozone Friendly - EPS foam is an inert material without harmful chemicals like CFC, HCFC, HFC, or formaldehyde that off-gas or leach during its use or disposal.

Buoyant - it has 90% air material and is good material for marine applications like a flotation system that are filled with virgin expanded Polystyrene beads.

Concrete Form LinersLightweight - can be set into place by hand or by lightweight construction equipment which makes it handy for these concrete applications:

Versatile - EPS blocks and sheets can be custom fabricated into almost any design and the versatility of EPS foam lends itself to many applications:

EPS Box Liners

EPS Foam 3D Cup

Durable - has excellent mechanical properties making it very good choice for load-bearing roof insulation, sub-pavement flooring, as internal or external insulation, and some other building purposes:

Cant or Kant Stripes

Affordable Solution - cost-effective alternative to wood, plastic, and concrete.

Attractive - texture coat can be added by the client to simulate various textures and finishes. The final finish can simulate a variety of material such as rock, brick, stone, wood, metal, etc.

Coated Shapes

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