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Architectural Shapes

  1. Surface must be clean, sound, dry, have no surface voids, projections or other conditions that may interfere with installation of Trimtec Systems components over EIFS manufacturer approved substrate.
  2. Ends of Trimtec Systems parts must be flat or cut flat such that there is no more than 1/16" gap in between pieces.  Any gaps must be silvered in accordance with manufacturers instructions.
  3. Apply approved adhesive to the back of part using a 3/8" notched trowel and attach to wall insuring full contact.  Temporary fasteners or braces may be required to support part until adhesive dries.
  4. Any parts where the width is more than 2/3 the height, mechanical attachment is required.

All joints must be tied together using approved reinforcing mesh with a 2" overlap onto each part embedded into approved base coat as per EIFS manufacturers instructions.  Butting parts together and/or "spline" detailing joints is strictly prohibited.

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